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William asks…

Ipod Nano wont connect to Xbox 360 slim?

so when i try to connect my ipod to my xbox 360 and go to the “ipod” option in “music library”, it comes up with “song info is unavailable for this device”. i heard about the Optional Media Update and downloaded that, but it still came up with the same message. But when i click “select music” on the xbox guide screen (the screen that comes up when u press the big center button the on controller), it shows a loading symbol (spinning circle) and after 2 minutes or so, a random song loads. so ik that the ipod is connected, but i can’t view the library of music or any videos. help please???
and before when i had the old xbox, my ipod could connect just fine. just wanted to let ppl know that =)


Microsoft DOES support Apple devices just plug in your Usb to the Xbox when your first start it up and go to music library and select your ipod. It should say your name then ipod. And if that fails just upload your favorite sounds on a regular usb and try it

Michael asks…

my xbox 360 slim had the e68 for awhile now?

but i would always just restart my xbox to get around it and now it wont even start up no matter how many times i restart it. I tried taking out the hard drive and starting it and it wont even show the xbox thing with the splash just says searching for signal on my tv but my xbox has a green light but no controller will connect? WTF xbox? any help anyone?


What you’ve gone through is an indication that the hard drive itself is failing/has failed. If it were a one-time occurance that would be different but since it’s been happening for a while and you’ve already tried resetting the hard drive… It’s most likely failed.

If you’re still under warranty, give Microsoft a call at 1-800-469-9269.

Helen asks…

What’s wrong with my XBOX 360 Slim?

I just bought a new XBOX 350 Slim and the controller wont sync, i’ve tried hitting the sync button on both the controller and console and still nothing. I can turn my xbox on with the controller, but then all it does is flash the lights. And i can connect my wired guitar to the console and scroll through the menus with that. What’s going on?


Give xbox a call @ 1(800) 4MY-XBOX

Maria asks…

Old Controller with 360 Slim?

I just got a 360 slim and I’m trying to use my old controller with the console because I’d rather not use up my new controller just yet. Anyways it wont connect it just blinks. Is there a way to sink it? There’s a sink button on both my old controller and my new one but the slim has no link button that I’m aware of.

Anyways to let you know the age of my controller. I have a white xbox as well it’s the newer one with the HDMI input on the back. Anyways any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :)


Okay, most controllers work with any generation of the 360. Near the bottom, below the power button is the sink (sync) button. The button has arrows on it and has a glossy finish. (If you have a 4GB version, just look for the part that feels different.) That’s about it, and good luck.

Sharon asks…

xbox360 slim wont connect to guitar?

okay, we just bought our xbox 360, and its apparently the new slim one, with like two buttons; eject, and power on/off.
we bought guitar hero warriors of rock, and the guitar wont connect to the xbox! i know its not my xbox, because all the controllers and stuff work fine, and we’ve already returned one guitar… this is our second one.
the instructions say to turn on the xbox, press the connect button, then turn on the guitar and press the connect button there too. thing is, there is no connect button on the xbox. and believe me, im holding it down when it says hold down…
so, does anyone else have this problem and has FIXED IT?? because this is soo annoying, please help!!!!!! ive called tech support and everything, they just said to return it and we already did that.


You said there is no connect button on your xbox, every xbox has a connect button. Sadly I have the old xbox so I’m not sure where the connect button is on the new one but I watched this video and this guy shows you how to connect an old controller to the new xbox. So hopefully this will help you find the sync (connect) button: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWGdw_oi0Xc

Then just push the sync button on your guitar and it should sync up to it.

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