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Steven asks…

My xbox 360 wireless controller does not work properly?

My xbox 360 wireless controller does not work properly. When I press the xbox guide button, the ring on the controller blinks and turns off. The controller only works when the play and charge kit charger is connected. Thank you
my batteries are not dead and syncing isnt the problem



It’s probably not broken

The controller has probably lost sync with the 360

there is a button on the top of the controller and the front of the 360.

Re-sync before you panic

Helen asks…

My xbox 360 wireless controller is Not Working?

I turned on my xbox 360 and my controller.Then i noticed the light on the wireless controller is kinda spinning, it blinks from 1/4 to 2/3. I don’t think it is the batteries i tried putting other ones in and nothing changed, i did drop my controller, but it was working fine after.
When i press a button that what happens , i need help!
Will i still be able to play two players? , im getting another controller for christmas.
I know You press the white button on the controller. -.-”


There are a couple ways to fix this first if you have the play and charge kit plug it in to the controller and xbox and turn on your controller it should re sync if that doesn’t work press the white button on your system and then hold the white button on your controller.

David asks…

My xbox controller isn’t working?

Whenever I turn on the Xbox all the lights glow and then the xbox it’s not glowing at all.

And when I turn on my controllers they just keep blinking green.

What happened and what can I do?
OMG, thank you Evan.


Press the little button at the top of the controller and then the little button on your 360. Wait a few seconds and then it might work

John asks…

how can I link my xbox 360 controller to the console?

my xbox controller light blinks and will not work how can I reset it to work


Theres an O))) symbol on the controller-push that til the lights spin around.
There’s a button to the right of the memory card slots-hold that until the ring of life spins.
They should sync in like 5 seconds

Donald asks…

Guitar Hero II controller not working?

My Guitar Hero II controller (xbox 360) wont work. The light just keeps blinking. I tried holding the button on the side of the guitar and it still won’t work. (batteries are fine)


Contact the phone number of the 360
when it blinks it means that your xbox is in trouble

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