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Charles asks…

On the new black xbox how do you get two controllers to sync to the xbox?

I know on the controller, the sync button is directly next to the left bumper but i can’t find it on my new xbox. My old white one had it on the front but i have no clue where my sync button is on my new black one

Xboxer answers:

Its right on top of the usb port “window”. You press and hold for about 1-2 seconds. You do the same the the button that is on top of the xbox controllers. They will automatically sync.

Mandy asks…

Syncing Xbox 360 Wireless Controller?

I want to sync my new Xbox 360 Controller in as 1st Player (the top left of the circle) because I sold my old Controller because the button kept moving by itself, so how do I sync the new controller in so it’s not Player 2 and its Player 1?

Xboxer answers:

Press the little circle button on the controller on the top, then press the little circle button on the face of your xbox

Linda asks…

Why won’t my new 360 controller sync to the console?

I got a new 360 controller and put batteries in it, and now my green circle just flashes, if I hold down the sync button (on top next to the slot) the lights will cycle for a few seconds but then it just goes back to flashing.

I have one other controller synced with the console and it is working fine, I have also replaced the batteries in the new controller, but it won’t connect to the xbox.

Xboxer answers:

After you press the sync button on the controller you have to press the small circular sync button on the console…if that doesnt work try pressing the sync button on the console first and then preesing the one oon the controller

Sharon asks…

where is the sync button to connect your wireless controller on the new Xbox 360 console?

Xboxer answers:

Its to the left of the two usb ports located on the front of your xbox, its hard to see but its there.

David asks…

Can’t connect controller to new xbox 360 slim?

I have a friends staying at my house for a while, so I bought another xbox 360 controller so we could play a few co-op games. I connected the controller that came with my new 360 slim without any problems at all, but for some reason this new controller won’t connect.

I turned the controller on and waited for the flashing lights on the controller (all four of them). Then I pressed the sync button on the xbox and waited for the ‘rotating’ lights. After that I pressed the sync button on the controller. They did sync together, because they both stopped blinking at the same time, just like it does when they’re properly connected, but after that the controller went back to blinking with all four lights just like it did BEFORE they connected/synced/whatever.

Am I doing it wrong or something?

Xboxer answers:

Hmmm thats weird because the problem shouldnt happen. Thats assuming you bought an original xbox 360 controller from microsoft and not some cheap china imitation controller. As far as my experience goes, when it blinks like that it means that the controller is low on batteries.

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