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Thomas asks…

How can I improve the connection speed and consistency of my DSL?

I am using a modem and a router, and it makes no difference how far I am away from the router. I’ve changed the channel on the router, and I also have an “invisible” and “secure” setup. My connection speed is usually “low” or “good” instead of “very good” or “excellent”.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Get rid of anything that uses the same 2.4Ghz frequency that most wireless routers use. If you have a 2.4Ghz cordless phone, bluetooth headset, a microwave oven, large glass windows or metal sheets, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, cordless controllers for xbox or ps3, xray machine or anything else that uses wireless or creates emf within a few yards of your router it will stop it working well and impact your connection speed. Keep everything out of the way of you and your router except for fresh air (couches, tables, chairs, big screen TV, zoo animals) and make sure the router is about at ‘hip height’ in the room. Not on the floor in a corner or attached to the ceiling with duct tape.

Don’t be too close to the router, within 10 inches is too close, give it a few feet. Don’t change the channel on the router, find a setting where it uses the least conjested channels.

Remember, the connection between your router and you is probably twice the speed of the connection from the modem to the internet, so even if your connection is ‘ok’, you are still not going slower than your fastest possible speed; also keep in mind that Windows’ idea of your connect strength sucks. You might have a great connection despite what it says.

Sharon asks…

What the heck is wrong with my xbox 360 headset. I can’t talk through it?

Ok yesterday my headset was working fine when I talked through it. This morning when I woke up and started to play online it stop working when I tryed talking through it. But I can hear people talking through my headset. The voice just won’t come out. What the heck is wrong with it

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Is your mute button on? If not, try unplugging & replugging in the headset to the controller. (wired) Or try re-connecting the wireless headset. The standard headset is infamous for this behavior & might need to be replaced. (Most likely scenario)

Joseph asks…

Why does my X Box paddle keep disconnecting?

When ever I shoot a gun when I’m playing Call Of Duty, my paddle disconnects. It’s a wireless paddle. I’m not sure where I got it from. I got it from Christmas. But I have 2 paddles, exactly the same. Both do the same thing. I was hoping someone from game stop would help, but they never do. So people at Yahoo! are amazing at these types of things! So thanks in advance! I have also tried new batteries, and taping the back shut! Nothing is working!

Leslie Tompkins answers:

If your one is a 3rd party controller:
3rd party contollers usually mess up as sometimes the person making them just wants money who cares if it works or not after a few moths
if your one is a offical xbox controller:
maybe your circuit board is damaged open it up and check you should find some screws around the controller TAKE CAUTION
oh and XBOX S- hahaha lol I’m not gonna be a douchebag

Sandra asks…

My wireless mic for the xbox 360 stopped working.?

I was using my wireless mic today and it was working fine. When i turned off my xbox the mic turned off like normal, but then when i tried to charge it the lights wouldn’t come on. I tried to turn it back on and it wouldn’t even turn back on. I have no idea what is wrong or how to fix it.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

As the mic is part of the wireless controller, try seeing if the controller is working and the lights come on, if not just charge the controller until full bars then plug it in

Mary asks…

How the hell can I get the F***ing microsoft wireless gaming receiver to work???

i have installed all drivers and updates. it says: simply plug in after driver instalation and play….


It does nothing full stop… PLEASE HELP!

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Are you referring to the XBOX 360 Controller for PC. If so, hold the silver X botton in the middle of the controller. That should do the trick.

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