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John asks…

can you paint a xbox controller with acrylic paint?

i have been wanting to mod my controller and my xbox and i was wandering can i use acrylic paint on little parts of the controller

Leslie Tompkins answers:

I don’t think it would be wise to use acrylic since its kind of plastic y and it’s probably either going to
A.) Peel/Fall off or stick
B.) Not work well for what you’re trying to do because it only works well when applied somewhat thick.

Look, I am an artist if you wanna do this I suggest spray paint. Although the design would you have in mind would probably have to be reworked this would turn out better for you. However it’s going to smell like crap.

Mark asks…

What Materials Do I need to mod a Xbox 360 Controller?

I want to make my Xbox 360 controller have rapid fire but I’m not exactly sure the parts I need, if you could be specific that would be great
I would but they cost anywhere from $70- $150 when I could build one for $20

Leslie Tompkins answers:

I’m looking to mod mine too and ive been looking at some videos on metacafe. I think you just need a soldering iron/solder, a t8 torx screwdriver to take the controller apart, some wire, and some momentary push buttons, most of which you can get at radioshack.

William asks…

were can i buy the USB part of an Xbox 360 controller?

i need the part of the Xbox 360 wired controller, just the very tip of the wire

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Best Buy.

Laura asks…

Xbox 360 controller keeps disconnecting randomly when playing games,?

I bought a new controller assuming that was the problem, the same thing is still happening. This has to be a problem with the xbox, not the controller or battery like everyone else is sayingm is there a way to fix that part of the xbox so that this stops happening?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

You can always try to switch the battery up and if that is not the problem, then you should call up 1-800-4MY-XBOX and set up a replacement for your system.

If you have a lot of wireless stuff on in your house, that could also affect your 360.

Betty asks…

How can you install leds anywhere in a xbox 360 controller?

I have a old wireless xbox 360 controller and i have red leds for the ring around it and a clear case and just wanna put in lights in the handle part will the same ones from the ring around it? And if so how i have a lot of wire and a lot of lights?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

You need to know what you’re doing first.

Read this tutorial


You need 0603 smd leds, a soldering iron, solder, and desoldering braid along with a security torx t8 to take apart the controller.

If this is the first time you’ve desoldered something practice on a bad board you have laying around, you don’t wand to destroy the pad on your controller or the ring of light rf board on your xbox.

As for adding leds use this tutorial


I always check the set of points out with a multimeter, i know there are a couple different controllers and you don’t want to solder in a led backwards becasue it won’t work. Just take your time and if you have any questions then let me know. I can also do the work for you if you want.


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