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Carol asks…

Can I just plug a wired xbox controller into my PC?

If I buy a wired xbox controller, and plug it into my PC, will it work automatically? Like if I want to play FIFA 12 and i have the PC version, if I plug a xbox controller in will I be able to play just like I would be on xbox? And if anybody has done this are there any downsides on playing it on PC compared to xbox?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Yes but it will need to install it to your computer, just like if you plugged in a mouse or flash drive. The only downsides are that the controls might not work for some games or not be customizable but I’m sure you can install something to fix that.

John asks…

Which controller should I play Need For Speed With?

Hi. I pre-ordered NFS Most Wanted for PC and for the first time I would like to play the game with a controller. Which controller would you guys prefer to play the game with, xbox 360 or ps3? (I have pretty small hands) Also, do I just buy the actual ps3/xbox controllers or do I need to buy a generic one that is made so that it will work with the pc?


Leslie Tompkins answers:

If you are buying a controller for the PC get one from Logitech. No use getting an Xbox controller if you don’t have an Xbox.

Chris asks…

How do I map controls from bf2 to a xbox 360 controller?

I just ordered a xbox 360 controller receiver for a pc to play bf2 and I was wondering how you map the controls to the controler

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Bf2 doesnt support gamepads, but you can download xpadder, you can map all the keys in keyboard to the program and to ur controller, I tried this and it works

Sandra asks…

What xbox controller would work on windows vista?

& what would i need to buy with the controller or would the usb cable come with it?

Im new at this D;

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Works on my kid’s Vista o/s computer playing Halo 2. He also uses the Xbox controller on a PC with XP o/s. He says the controller works on just about all Games for Windows PC software. Just plug it into a USB port on the PC and it should recognize the controller and you’ll be good to go.

Michael asks…

How to turn a PC turtle beach into an xbox Turtle Beach?

I have the mic and headphone in a 2 female-male cable that is connected to an adapter that connects to the xbox controller. The headphone part works but the mic dosen’t.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

A PC and Xbox turtlebeach are the exact same thing, they are compatible with both. Maybe you haven’t put the turtlebeach’s audio cords into the Xbox’s. You also must plug in the USB cord into the wired controller port on the actual Xbox system. Make sure the green plugs are plugged into each other. As for the mic make sure you have the wire that you have to plug into your controller plugged into the volume box. Sorry if this is confusing but I hope I could be of help. Happy gaming!

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