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Ruth asks…

Prince of perisa not letting me use my joystick on PC?

Can someone please tell me how i can use my joystick on the PC version of prince of persia 4? When i go into controls it says something about an XBOX 360 controller. But i have a Gembird dualshock controller which works both on PS2 and pc.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Well the game might need an update for a controller but i use a Logitech ps3/pc controller it work fine:D

Thomas asks…

My headset is not working through my xbox 360?

I recently bought an adapter which converts the jack off the Xbox controller to one that is suitable for a pc headset. I know you aren’t supposed to use a PC headset for an Xbox, but the adapter seems to change that. Now the only problem is the the adapter allows for the use of the microphone on my headset, but the actual sound itself is not being transmitted through. The only thing that i can see a problem is that i have my Xbox wired through a receiver that allows sound to go to my speakers, is this the problem?
I have tried the settings on the Xbox, they don’t work, to any advice you be much appreciated.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

It has to be an xbox certified headset

Laura asks…

How can I play tf2 with a xbox controller on my pc?

I’ve heard of people playing pc games with xbox controllers. I know only some games are compatable, but is tf2? Also how do you get it to work ?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

1. You don’t have to use an xbox controller theirs controllers that are made just for pc
2.anyway heres a guide

William asks…

What kind of controller works for all pc games?

So im looking to start playing some pc games, and I’m wondering what kinda controller works for all of them. I don’t wanna buy one kind then it only works for some. Is that unheard of? Please help me all knowledgeable gamer dudes or dudettes, whatever.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

There are some games whic cant be played with a controller at all… But you should look for the XBOX 360 controller.. Its one of the best controllers around…

James asks…

What type of PC game controller works with online games I hate using arrows and the space bar.?

Or do PC game controllers only work with PC video games you install, not the free online ones?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Xbox 360s work depending on the game.

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