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Nancy asks…

Can I use an Xbox 360 controller to play CoD Modern Warfare 2 on a Mac?

I am going to purchase Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for my Mac. Can I use my wired Xbox 360 controller to play the game, via USB? If so then can I also plug in the headset so that I can communicate with my team mates? Thanks, Dharmax

Leslie Tompkins answers:

>Mac Gaming
>Xbox 360 controller on Mac
>Modern Warfare 2 – multiplayer on computer


And to answer your question. You can use a headset, and you can’t use the xbox 360 controller as of just yet. They will probably need to bring out a patch for it which is disappointing really. My 360 controller works fine on most other games such as Dirt 2.

Laura asks…

Xbox 360 controller for Mac?

I downloaded the driver and the GamePad Companion and I connected my Xbox controller via USB and in the system preferences under Xbox Driver My controller isn’t responding. I’ve read a ton of blogs, and saw a ton of videos, i’ve done everything i can and my controller is blinking as if it hasnt signed into the computer. Please Help.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Is it a wireless controller? Those won’t work. It’s only for Wired 360 controllers.

You can’t connect a Wireless controller using the play-and-charge cable; that cable only charges the battery pack. It doesn’t transmit any data.

Lizzie asks…

Xbox controller for Onlive on a Mac?

I just bought a wired xbox 360 controller to play onlive on my iMac. It isn’t working..I’ve downloaded all the stuff they recommend play on it too. Is it even possible to do this?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Why don’t you just use bootcamp+steam if you want to play games? Onlive is terrible. It’s like trying to play a game in a 480p 15fps youtube window with half a second of input lag.

Maria asks…

How can I play the mac version of Bioshock with my xbox 360 controller?

I downloaded the demo and under controls, there is an option for the xbox 360 controller? How is this done?
I tried google. Now I am turning to the yahoo answers
I tried google. Now I am turning to the yahoo answers

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Here’s a couple links that detail how to do it. Macrumors is a trusted source so I’d start with the info there but further in the discussion they reference the second link below.

Basically you just need to install drivers for the controller and it should work (with a little tweaking in the game and OS).

Daniel asks…

can you use the usb connection for the xbox 360 controller and plug it into a mac?

It seems as though it would work, simplisticly speaking, but I understand there might be complications for microsoft having mac compatibal peripherals and what not, my only question is, is it possible? And if so, then HOW?

Leslie Tompkins answers:


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