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Nancy asks…

does the xbox 360 guitar hero controller work for pc and mac?

The guitar has a usb connect so I figure it might work on pc or mac, mainly the mac because I have the game for that.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Yes, it works for PC and Mac. The one that comes with the PC/Mac version is actually an X360 controller. It even uses the same drivers as the X360 controller. It also has the little green “X” button and a communicator port.

William asks…

can you use an xbox 360 controller on a mac to play games such as call of duty 4?

i have a ps3

Leslie Tompkins answers:

I have been told that ya can by getting a connector that reconises it 4 the pc. Neva tried it tho.

David asks…

Starcraft 2, Mac, and Xbox 360 controller?

How can I use my xbox 360 controller to play starcraft 2 on my Macbook Pro?

Leslie Tompkins answers:


My friend did it with a controller some years ago. Idk if this is how he did it or because he was playing Halo CE, but it has to be wired.

No he did not bootcamp his mac.

Sandy asks…

Will my Xbox 360 Guitar Hero 2 Controller work with my Mac if I buy the new Guitar Hero 3 for mac?

I dont want to buy a whole other controller. Thanks

Leslie Tompkins answers:

I’m not 100% sure, but my guesses are no,
Microsoft vs Mac doesn’t seem like they would make it compatible
but if you don’t want to spend any money at all, try this


its free and pretty much like guitar hero

Hope this helps
Add me if you like
Rich Shady (XBL)

Mary asks…

How do i attach my guitar controller to mac?

I have a guitar controller for xbox 360, and i would like to attach it to my mac to play… frets on fire…. is it possible to do this?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

USB port, sir. Just plug it in, it should work dandy.

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