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Paul asks…

Which controller is better for COD:Black ops? Xbox or Ps3?

Most of my friends say its for Ps3 and i disagree and i think Xbox controller is better

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Well i personaly think its the ps3 controller thats better because its lightweight and the controls are easy, but the xbox controller is pretty decent because it gives you a realistic feeling when you press the triggers. It all depends on what works for you. Try using both controllers to see what you think feels right for you.

Lisa asks…

Is there a third party controller made for the Xbox 360 shaped like a PS3 controller?

I have only ever seen controllers for the PS3 that look like the Xbox 360 controller, but never the opposite. There are a few mods like the 3PS60 controller, but I don’t have the ability to make it myself. Are there any third party controllers shaped like a DualShock controller but made for the Xbox 360?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Hmm…well, for all previous generations, there have been controller converters. But sadly, upon doing a little research, they’re a no-show for this gen. It’s mostly people just hacking controllers together on their own or using PS3 Linux to install drivers to use the wired-360 controller.

Joseph asks…

I want to play PS3 with an XBOX controller.?

I love the playstation 3 much more than xbox 360, but I hate the controller, it’s not ergonomic at all, especially for first person shooters. Is there a way I can customize my xbox 360 controller to work for the ps3? I know people who mod xbox controllers, but have never tried doing this. Is there an adapter or anything out there at all? I doubt it, but any ideas would be great.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

I wish there was too, but I haven’t found anything. I’d use my PS3 a lot more if the controller wasn’t so awful.

Carol asks…

Does anyone know where i can get a Xbox controller for the ps3?

I’m hoping it would alteast under $40
i don’t have alot money right know

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Just to prove that guy wrong for being a D*ck.

Buy a regular WIRED xbox controller, then buy this.


Not exactly within your budget, but it is what your looking for.

Ruth asks…

Xbox controller for ps3?

Hii I want x box controller for my ps3. How can I fix that??? And where can I get that in Canada.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

You cannot get an Xbox controller for a PS3.
For one, the buttons aren’t going to be read by the PS3. And two, the ports and battery settings are completely different.
So unless you are a computer genius, and make it yourself, you cannot do it.

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