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George asks…

How can I get a xbox 360 controller to work for pc?

I downloaded the driver from microsoft and it installs successfully. But I cannot use the controller, nothing works. I tried playing the “Halo: combat evolved” demo and it doesn’t work.

Is it the game I’m playing? or something else?

I have windows 7 x64, if it helps to let you know

Leslie Tompkins answers:

There is a 360 controller for the PC.


Jenny asks…

Xbox 360 wireless controller work with PC, or do I have to buy 360 wireless controller for PC?

I bought just the xbox 360 wireless receiver for pc and have been trying to connect with my regualr 360 wireless controller and they won’t link. The controller just flashes, which leads me to believe I have to buy the actual 360 controller for windows. Does anybody know for sure? I am getting frustrated here. I also tried it on 2 pcs, one with XP and one with Windows 7, downloaded drivers for both with the same result. Thank you for your help.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

If you did get the wireless receiver for the PC, and not the “charge kit”, then you should be able to connect.

The receiver looks like this:


While the charge kit looks like this


(ignore the controller itself)

Ken asks…

My Xbox 360 controller wont connect to the wireless receiver I bought, help?

I know this receiver works but my PC wont recognize it, however my laptop will but my laptop isn’t powerful enough to play some of those games.

System Info:
Windows 7 (64-bit)

Please help, it just flashes, the controller is recognized by the receiver and then since there is no working connection they both stop trying to connect.
I have already tried downloading Microsoft’s drivers but nothing works. Please help and I am sure this is a software thing not hardware.

Thank you

Leslie Tompkins answers:

The best advise i can offer you is to to check in the electronics mart then if that fails contact the manufacture…

Lisa asks…

Can I use the xbox 360 Chat-Pad as a keyboard for Windows 7?

I have a USB wired Xbox 360 controller and an Xbox 360 chat pad. I want to use the controller for a game but It doesn’t have enough buttons to map everything I want it to do. I had the idea instead of using the controller and a separate keyboard, that maybe there was a way to us the chat-pad thing and have all the buttons of a keyboard connected to the controller. That way I could have a complete QWERTY keyboard and Joysticks attached to it. But I don’t know if it is possible. Can someone please tell me if there a drivers or a program to make the chat-pad a fully working keyboard.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Short answer, No. This is something that people have been trying to get to work for literally years (me being one of them). If you want to map more on your controller check out Pinnacle Game Profiler:


It let’s you program each button to do more than one thing and works awesomely in my opinion. It’s not free but once you check out the free trial, it’s hard not to buy it.

Nancy asks…

My xbox 360 controller is flashing in all four quadrants?!?

It honestly makes NO SENSE!!!! I’m attempting to use my ‘XBOX 360 Wired Controller‘ for my PC (Windows 7, 64-bit). It has worked on several games in the past with absolutely no issues. However in order to use my controller on an emulator, I found that I had to download Microsoft XBOX 360 Accessory Status software (according to several forums and YouTube video tutorials). I made sure to download windows 7 64-bit version drivers and software. BUT for some reason, when I plug in my controller all four quadrants begin flashing without cease. I have tried opening the xbox 360 accessory software and holding down the ‘guide’ (middle) button just as it says to do, but nothing happens. The software can’t detect the controller and the controller keeps flipping out. IT’S WIRED. Why am I having problems???? ///= THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY ADVICE YOU CAN OFFER!
THAT IS HORRIBLE ADVICE. first of all you didnt even read what i posted GABY. i said “wired controller“. you dont have to connect that way for wired controllers. PERIOD. second of all, I said PC!!! As in computer. you retard….

DONT FREAKIN ANSWER QUESTIONS YOU DON’T EVEN BOTHER READING. And especially dont give answers to questions when you dont know what the hell your talking about.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Press the button on the top of the controller at the same time you press a little button the xbox has in the front.

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