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Thomas asks…

Are there any Harvest Moon games available for xbox 360 kinect?

Or is the new xbox 360 kinect able to play Harvest Moon games.
I know there are some for the wii, can the xbox 360 kinect play those?
Even though someone told me it can’t.
xbox is for hardcore shooting, pretty much.
Maybe any animal crossing games too?
I’m so confused.
Thanks for any help!!!

Leslie Tompkins answers:

No harvest moon is on on wii ds and psp and maybe ps2

Lizzie asks…

How much can i get for my 20 GB xbox 360 + games and Kinect?

I’m planning on selling my old xbox 360 to get a PS3. I got it when it first came out but it still runs perfectly fine. I just want to know what i can get for it on ebay or somewhere else.

It comes with
– 2 wireless controllers
– wireless adapter
kinect sensor
– good quality headset fairly new
– a card for 3 months of xbox live
– 14 games

Red Dead Redemption
Mass Effect 2
Black Ops
Modern Warfare 2
Battlefield: BC2
Borderlands (with two expansion packs)
Dragon Age Origins and Awakening
Portal 2
Madden 11 and 9
and 3 Kinect games

Hopefully I can get enough money out of this to get a nice 40GB PS3

Leslie Tompkins answers:

On ebay you could easily $350 or more
and at gamestop probably $100-$150
but I have a suggestion…
Don’t get the 40 gb ps3 because the blu rays drives brake easily and they are loud I had one
I had to fix mine but i got fed up with the fan so i sold it and got a 160 slim
for $240 at target when it went on sale

Steven asks…

What games are supporting the xbox 360 kinect?

What games are supporting the 360 kinect and are they doing any patch updates for some old titles if they are which titles are getting the patch?

Thanks for your help.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

The only games that have announced Kinect support were the ones that were released at the same time for it. There are no plans to make older games compatible with it that I know of, probably because there would be no $$ to be gained from doing so.

Sandra asks…


Can you play any game using the KINECT? ex: cod4, mw2, fallout?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Only games that will have the ability to use Kinect. While is possible that developers could go back to older games and redesign them to work at least partial with Kinect, it is very unlikely that they will go through all that trouble. Newer games however will likely have a portion to work with Kinect, one example is Fable 3, which will allow you to use Kinect to interact with characters and items in game, but it isn’t a necessary portion, you can still play the game totally fine without Kinect.

Donna asks…

Are there any strength training games for the Xbox 360 Kinect or the Nintendo Wii?

I have just discovered a good use for the Kinect and Wii which is their fitness games. I spend a lot of my time playing video games so why not get something that will help my health. I was wondering if there are any games that work for strength training. I’m certainly not going to dedicate myself to a video game for exercise but it would be a good thing to play when I’m to lazy to go to the gym or something.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

EA Sports Active is primarily strength training (resistance band is included but if you get the 2.0 version, you can use hand weights). This is on Kinect and Wii.

Your Shape (for Kinect) contains some toning exercises, and since it’s hands free, you can use weights to strengthen your workout.

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