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Carol asks…

Xbox 360 Wired Headset Not Working?

Everytime I buy a new headset, a week or two later it stops working. Is it my controller? What do I do? Please Help

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Dude my headsets break all the time and i always snap them in half. My suggestion is to get a wireless one, i haven’t broken my wireless 1 yet………

Steven asks…

Gameon Xbox Headset Problem?

I have a gameon wired headset for the Xbox 360.I used to use a Madcatz wired controller but I was told that it caused a noise similar to farting because it wasn’t an official controller.I stopped using it.Now they can’t here me at all.

Is the headset not working because it is not officially Xbox or is it broken?

All help appreciated

Leslie Tompkins answers:

I have a friend and his mic makes farting noises and it annoying so the best i can tell u is.
1) buy a new mic or
2) call xbox 360 customer support and they tell them whats wrong with your mic and they will talk u threw this and tell u what wrong with your mic ok

i hope this helps

Sandy asks…

My wired Xbox 360 microphone will not work?

I can hear my party through my headset but I can not talk. No, it is not muted, I made sure of that. This has happened four times so far this year, where I had to buy a new one.

Most of the times, my dog got to it and I understand why it broke. But this time, it just died for no reason at all.

This one lasted a good two months or so. I was sending messages and talking in my party when I was informed no one could hear me by my friend (Who also couldn’t hear me)

A temporary fix I found was to bend the wire and tape it to my controller in a certain spot and it will work for awhile, but today it stopped working no matter how I bend the wire.

Could someone please help me? I really can’t afford a new headset right now, is their any way I can fix this?

I am already out of warranty on it, so tampering with it is okay if I have too.


Leslie Tompkins answers:

Thsi has happened to me, same type of thing except i could talk but i couldnt hear anyone through the headset. TBH the wired headsets are made pretty shoddily, you just need a new mic. IN the long run you’ll find ti cheaper to fork out $60 for a good wireless headset than to keep buying more shitty ones

Michael asks…

Momentary Push button for modding Xbox controller help.?

So I bought some momentary push buttons for modding my xbox controller, but when I connect the wires to were they could on the xbox motherboard, I need to hold the button down to stop the rapid fire instead of Holding it to make it rapid fire.(I am assuming this is caused by the M.P.B.) I bought the smaller switches that come in a pack of 5…Does anyone no if the bigger switches that come in a pack of 2 will work?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Once again the official xbox expert is a fool.

It is not illegal to alter a control it is however against the Terms of Service for using Xbox live.
The two things are totally different.
Illegal = against the law which unless Microsoft has a lot of pull and can get their TOS on the law books in Seattle then it is not illegal.
Also do people really believe they can get free microsoft points following this idiots links? HE IS SCAMMING YOU PEOPLE.

Sounds like you have the switch wired in reverse. Why do you need a rapid fire switch? If it is for cheating in an online game thats pretty pathetic.
If it is for offline use then go for it, but dont be suprised with a ban from Microsoft.

Donald asks…

Xbox Wired Mic Issue?

Hey Can anyone help with this 1 question. I got a mic about 4 months ago along with Xbox live. the mics been working for 2 months then it barely lets me talk.i have to turn the pin around to usually stop the static noise and or talk. I can only talk sitting still which SUCKS. I tried flexing the wire, rubbing the tip, Check if its the controller, licked the tip a little,and tried dropping it. Nothing! Any help? Or Just buy a new one? and no its not my Connection.

Gamertag: EliteRocka

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Just go to Gamestop and get a new one. If not just walk in and ask their advice. They seem to know the most about this stuff

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