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Ruth asks…

why is my xbox 360 controller not working on my laptop?

i just bought it and did everything it told me to do and they said it would work in place of a mouse and its not, and its also not working on civilization 4. does anyone have an answer?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

It doesn’t work in place of a mouse for regular tasks. It’s to be used in games. Make sure you have the drivers installed correctly. Not all games support controllers so you may need a mapping program like Pinnacle. Even if you have that it may still not work. Also, if it’s wireless, you must use the wireless gaming receiver. The USB cable from the Play and Charge kit does not work. Too many people assumed it does. It will only charge the battery pack.

Susan asks…

Why do all my xbox controllers stop working?

I own an original Xbox and I’m not planning on getting rid of it soon. so my question is: Why do all my wired Xbox controllers all the sudden stoporking because every time I try to play a message comes up saying,”Please reconect controller to port 1? I have at least 6 or 7 controllers and they all dont work.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Had the same problem once . Found how to fix it thanks to a very good guide . You can have take it from http://xbox360repairs.tk/ . I`m fixing my xbox now without any problems

Mark asks…

Why is my left analog stick of my Xbox controller not working properly?

I got a brand new WIRED controller and when I play Madden 12 with it, at first I could only run fast forward and backward, but whenever I tried to go left and right the player would slow down/stop moving. I got it to work fine going to the right somehow, but now when he goes to left, they still move slowly.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

The problem is with the analog itself, there is a little button inside the controller on each analog which when you press the analog it forces it down..

What seems to be happening is when your forcing down and to the left the connection isn’t pushing the button down and is releasing.
It was a comman problem which normally happens if your pushing it to hard down… The button seems to go lower – it also happens with the RB & LB button.

You can try see if microsoft will replace it for you, i think they will if you had it less than 3 months but its always depends

David asks…

Xbox controller not working why?

It works on dashboard, but when i go to play my game half way through it stops working if i switch it back on it works fine til i ressume game then it cuts of again batteries are fine, please help ….

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Why don’t you go ask xbox customer support for the reason why your controller is broken they will tell you and they might even fix it for you or give you a replacement if you send it to them. You can also look at this page it might help you – http://support.xbox.com/en-gb/pages/xbox-360/troubleshoot/accessories/controllers-remotes.aspx

Chris asks…

My xbox 360 controller is not working, why?

I have 2 controllers, one works just fine, the other, however, does not seem to be working. It is not a battery problem (I interchanged the batteries from each of the controllers, the first one still worked), my controller was working a month ago. I finally come back to it and it isn’t synchronizing with my xbox. I press both of the buttons (the one on the console and the one on the controller), it connects (it seems) for a moment then it loses the connection. Is there any way I can fix this?
It isn’t old. I don’t understand why I would need to get a new one…

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Time for a new control

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