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Susan asks…

Poll: Old vs New Xbox 360?

Poll: Old vs New Xbox 360?
To answer any of these questions, just put the number by your answer of which one you are going to answer.

1) For those who already have a 360: are you going to sell it and get the new Xbox 360?

2) Does the new Xbox 360 make non Xbox owners want to buy one?

3) Do you think the features of the new Xbox 360 that are absent from the older models are worth the $299.99 price point?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

1. No

2. No

3. Yup.

The way I see it, it IS a new version of the 360, however all it really has is built in wireless, and more memory.. (and is >slightly< better in terms of overheating)… Honestly if you own an Xbox 360, you already know how to handle these problems, including having a wireless internet adaption on it, or solving it by just using a wire if close enough to the original modem).. As for overheating… You can just data install your games to help prevent the heating issues… So the only time I would say to buy this 360 is if you don't already own one and don't know how to handle them.

Helen asks…

New Xbox 360 vs. old Xbox 360?

if i was to get the 4GB xbox 360 i wouldn’t have enough memory for all of my game saves/ map packs/ demos/ betas. i have $300 gamestop store credit…..what xbox 360 version should i get?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Definitely get the new one. The new one is the only one with built-in wifi, so with the others you have to spend $100 for a wireless adapter anyway. The new version also does not get RRoD.

Michael asks…

white xbox 360 vs new slim xbox 360?

what are the differences between the new xbox and the old one. i have the old white one and works just fine to play games like COD. is it a huge upgrade or should i just wait for the new console when ever that may come out?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Well on my old Xbox, the noise was ridiculous, it was so loud. I upgraded to my new xbox and that is completely gone.

Also the new Xbox has built in Wi-Fi, so going on Xbox Live has never been easier.

I feel that the new Xbox is so much better than the old one, however that is just my opinion.

Mandy asks…

Xbox 360: New vs Old, A Question r two.?

Ok so from my understanding the Elite was made better (fans, etc.) than the other 2 old versions.

Is there anything similar with the 2 new Slim versions?

While I like the old white look better, I don’t care for the the shinny 250gb version. So for $30 extra I figure it worth it for the look of the 4gb version after getting the 250gb drive separably.

My 360 is starting to take it’s time when loading and what not, and considering that it was one of the originals I think it’s had a good live for a Xbox.

Hoping for informed answers, THANKS!!!

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Your welcome

Betty asks…

Xbox 360 Pro/Elite Vs. New PS3 80GB?

Alright, thanks to Wal-Mart being amazing, they’re going to take my 80gb PS3 with Motorstorm and give me the original amount on a gift card. Could be $500 or $600, depends on how it goes.
NOW here’s my dilemma. I have games for the ps3, 8 to be exact and the Rock Band set is one of them.
Now with all these price drops my choices have REALLY been opened up.
There’s the awesome new Xbox 360 60GB Pro for $300, or even due to Wal-Mart keeping old bundles up, the 360 Elite with Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance for $400 (so far looks like the best deal, even if I don’t want Ultimate Alliance.)
OR keep all the games I have, and go with the 80GB PS3 for $399.
Now here’s the thing, I could care less about backwards compatibility, since I have no need for playing PS2 or XBOX games.
But is the 360 worth the switch? I’ve been plenty happy with my PS3, but I know the 360 is better for Online gaming which is what I like to do most.
Again, gift card will be for $500-600 depending on what the store will give me.
Thanks everyone for your help!
Edit: Newer Xbox‘s no longer get RROD, 33% Failure rate does not apply to the new models because they found the error that caused it. Thank you though.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Go with the Elite bundle, it’s the best.
The Xbox 360 is a lot better than the PS3.
I’m not a fanboy or anything, I own all three consoles.
I never really play my PS3, most of the good games are either Xbox360 exclusive or at least ON the 360.
You won’t regret it.

Don’t get that video game bundle thing though, it’s not that great.
Both of those games get old really fast, and Marvel isn’t fun at all.
Just buy more games if you want to.

I would take your PS3 games and go to gamestop and give it in towards a game, but don’t do it until there’s a deal.
They usually do like a 20% EXTRA credit for games toward a specific game, and they do that for like every big game.
So if you’re waiting for Gears of War 2 or something, wait until that deal and sell it all in then.
Except Rock Band, sell that separately.
Gamestop doesn’t buy the drum set or mic. Just game and guitar.

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