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Donna asks…

My xbox 360 (white) is not working with my black controller?

I don’t get what the problem is, my black controller is not working with my white console. the battery is new and all. What’s the problem

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Did you try to sync the two? There’s a little button on the front of the xbox and a little button on the front of the controller. Press the one on the xbox, and then press the one on the controller (or try at the same time) then they should light up and work.

Michael asks…

the right trigger on my xbox 360 controller is broken & im not trying 2 buy a new controller what should i do?

its a wired control & the other buttons work

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Well, you will have to pay to get it fixed, so your gonna have to pay either way, just go to craigslist or something and find someone who fixes controllers and junk.

Sandra asks…

What is wrong with my Xbox 360 controller??

Ok so we got a used Xbox 360 yesterday and this is the very first time we have had one so the Controller was working fine till last night and it just kinda died and we thought “Ok maybe we need to charge it by itself” so we didnt play anymore thinking that would work but this morning it still wasnt responding like it was acting like the whole thing died.

So can anyone please tell me what is wrong with it?????

IF it is broken we can refund it for a new controller BUT we dont want to IF it is not broken.

So please tell me anything????

Oh and BTW we dont have a bunch of money to go out and buy stuff.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

One of two things u need a new batterie are it needs to resynchronize

Daniel asks…

How to fix an xbox live controller?

Yes, I still have an xbox live controller, but it’s only because I play gta san andreas on it, anyways, my controller is not working and it keeps saying: “please reconnect controller” and I don’t want to out and buy a new one. what is the best way to repair an xbox live controller?
Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Take it apart and fix it

Jenny asks…

Xbox Controller Lets me talk But not Hear?

Just bought the mic All settings are good i switched Controllers and it worked Fine, I dont wanna get a new Controller Because i just dont because i love that controller but, Whats the problem, I can talk but i cant hear
Its not Settings because it works on my Other Controller

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Mate it with a ps3 controller.

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