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John asks…

My Xbox 360 controller i bought new online has a slight button problem. Should I say something?

I have a 360 wireless controller that works perfectly, and I bought a wired one from Amazon so i could have another. The thing is, right out of the packaging something feels funky about the RB button. It works, but it doesnt click like its supposed to. The LB button works perfectly, but the RB just seems defected, as if it was dropped before packaging. Is this something I should be worried about, that will worsen over time to the point of the bumper button not working? Is this something worth noting to the retailer and/or sending in for a replacement? I don’t want to feel like a whiner about a sluggish button on an otherwise perfectly fine controller, but i don’t want to have the button get worse and stop working on me in a few weeks. Could anyone give me some advice? Thanks in advance.
Well, I bought it directly FROM Amazon, not through amazon. So i’m pretty sure it was new. The button in question is the Right Bumper, which isn’t what rapidfire modders would mod. They would most likely do the Right Trigger, since thats usually the “Fire” button in FPSs. The button works okay, it’s just it doesn’t click as cleanly as my other controllers.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Get it checked out. There is probably some gunk in the button that’s why its not clicking. But other than that I wouldn’t be worrying. If the button works then its not gonna stop in a week or two. But get it checked out.

Some advice…..Don’t buy any kind of electronics from the Internet. I have had a bad experience with it.

Mark asks…

Cannot connect Xbox 360 controller?

I have a new xbox I got for christmas and I got 2 controllers, one with the xbox and one seperate, but nonetheless still brand new. The one I recieved seperately will not connect to the xbox console The light will dance around so I know it works, and it will become solid around the whole ring but will not cause the xbox to respond no matter what is clicked, The other controller works fine, Any help would be appreciated.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

On the xbox, you’ll need to press the button with a couple of waves next to it, I believe it is next to the IR receiver. After that, you’ll need to press the same button on your controller. After that it should be connected.

Linda asks…

xbox 360 controller vibrations not working?

i have the vibrations on

i have put in new battery still does not work

i was playing cod4 multilayer
i also tried a different controller still does not work
i need vibrations to play

someone help me

Leslie Tompkins answers:

The electric motor that does the vibration is buggered. Nothing is built to last these days, so buy a new one if you miss your vibrator so much. Sorry but that’s your cheapest option as it would cost more in labour to fix it. In my experience, xbox360 controllers are good for a couple of years at best.

William asks…

Can i fix my xbox 360 mic slot?

Hi i had a perfectly working brand new xbox 360 controller. Instead of buying a mic my friend gave me one for free. The mic worked for a while but then stopped, i realised this because it was broken. The reason for this was because the little piece that plugs into the controller was bent. So me, being stupid, decided to plug the mic in and then start hitting it to try and bend it back in shape. As you may have guessed, this did not work. Later i tried using 2 different mics and they wouldnt work (obviously because i had damaged the mic slot). So im curious as to how I may fix this mic slot without buying a new controller.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

I think you should just get a wireless mic like me great for gaming because you don’t have to have the cord dangling :)

Chris asks…

New xbox headsets not working?

I just recieved new headset/mocrophone for Xmas, and they basically look exactly like the things NFL coaches wear during games. Now I also have a connector that plugs into the controller that includes a mute and volume controll. I have plugged the mic into that, and it is plugged into the controller. For some reason when I test it out by recording a message and listening to it, I can VERY faintly hear it when on full volume. How can I fix this? (btw I will add more info if needed.). Thank you!

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Have you tryed messing with all the mute and volume control? Maybe push your connector in to make sure its in there. What you described sounds like the volume is all the way down.

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