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Donald asks…

My mother’s a psycho, please help?

My life is hell. Throughout middle school and my first year of high school I did poorly, failing most of my classes. Through 7th grade I had few friends and spent most of my time in the house, alone, on the computer. Then I went to 8th grade where I made more friends, but did worse in school. Then my mom got extremely involved in my school life, or something. I don’t really know what it was, she would stand over me, criticizing everything I did wrong, and then taking all my privileges away like that was supposed to motivate me or something. She would offer her help, and I would reject it, because I knew the real reason I wasn’t doing the assignments wasn’t because I have supposedly have ADHD, or I’m delusional, or I need an alternate study method, like she thought. It was because I simply didn’t do it. There was no hidden message, or a mental disorder. It was as simple as procrastination. So after that I decided to go to an alternate high school, where I would get a clean slate and a fresh start. My mother backed off a bit, and allowed me to do my own thing, but the second I showed signs of failing (one missed assignment) she started riding my @ss again. As she got more involved, my grades began to plummet. My reputation as a slacker grew larger, and I lost a lot of friends (this is a nerd school). About halfway through the second semester I started doing better, my social life got back in order, my grades slowly began to rise. Not to the point where I was passing, but they were almost there. Finally the school year ended, I wasn’t passing many classes, but it was more than what I had at the start of the semester. I retreated to my man-cave and played video games with my friends for the summer. At the start of the new school year (this year) I was doing fine, or is doing fine. I’m doing fine right now. But one of my classes, humanities, is insanely hard. One of the assignments was a home discussion, where you had to talk with a member of my family about an article in the newspaper. My mom is still acting irrationally, so I didn’t want to do it with her, so I started looking for a teacher to do it with. I didn’t finish the assignment, which brought my grade down below passing level. As soon as my mom heard, she got right back into that mood again. She called my teachers, had a meeting with them, tried instating some new rules at home, and had another meeting. The last meeting was yesterday, and she came home with a bunch of new rules and restrictions. The one that really pissed me off was electronics 6-9. If I get home at 4 then that gives me 2 hours of time to do homework right? Wrong. It gives me 2 hours to sit at my desk, be pissed off, watching the clock, read gaming magazines, and secretly message my friends. So we had a fight about that last night, which ended with my xbox controllers and my mouse being taken away. So I come home from school today, and my mouse is back, but my controllers are not. I mess around on the internet, use the keyboard to play on the xbox, and go on facebook. I’m having a good time. But then she comes home and completely flips out, telling me how worthless I am, and how my ONLY concern in life is school, how I’m delusional about life, and I’m going to fail in life. Now let me explain my view on all of this (thanks by the way to anyone who’s read all of this). My goal is to be an actor, maybe go to school at the second city. As well as that, if high school doesn’t work out like I plan, I will probably join the military. Basically, I’ve got a back-up plan for everything. So my life’s gonna work out any possible way, except, the way my mom plans. She plans to take me out of my school. The school where I am making an incredible amount of progress, both socially and academically. She thinks that will help me, or motivate me to do better in school. If I go to a new school, I’ll have to start over completely. I’d have nothing. So she expects me to do better in school with no friends, no outlet (video games), nothing. So if she takes me out of school, I’m just going to leave. As far as I know it’s my only option. And I am really trying, I’ve done basically all I can. I can’t even think of any alternatives. So basically, my psycho mother thinks that what she’s doing will help me, but it’s actually destroying my life. I don’t have any idea what to do and if I can’t solve my problems soon, I’m screwed. For those of you who’ve read this entire thing, thank you and please help.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Well after reading all that, my thought is that mom is doing what is right. I have been in your shoes and I wished I would have had a mom to do that to me. I didn’t have a mom or dad to motivate me to do better and my grades suffered. I had to learn on my own that I screwed up BIG TIME by letting my grades go.

The gaming is not the way to go. It’s HIgh School and believe it or not these grades can affect your whole life. Your wondering how? How does that matter. Imagine writing a resume’ and not having a clue which words to write and what order, then having an interview and sounding uneducated? How will you feel then? It’s not easy and many kids your age are highly educated already and she wants the best for you. How could she not? She wants you to succeed and be able to be happy on your own one day. How can you maintain a banking account if you don’t understand some of the concepts you learn growing up. Communication will be the thing you will need to be very good at. Not with only friends but with adults as well. This sounds like a mother/ daughter conflict that can easily be back on track.

Talk with her and tell her you will give your best effort towards getting good marks if she could just trust you and give you some space. Prove to her that your serious, that way she will back off a bit and allow you to be who you are :) It’s tough in high school because most kids don’t look past Friday. You sound like you know what is expected from you but you just need a little room to relax, and that’s understandable as long as you see her side too.

She obviously loves you a great deal because if she didn’t, she would not care what you did. Those are the kinds of parents I see too much of, and that breaks my heart. Those parents give up on their kids too early, usually at a time the kids need them the MOST! Don’t lose what you had with your mom, she will be your best friend when your in your 20′s trust me! Hang in their and sit with her and have a heart to heart talk, comprimise can work. I’ll do this for you, if you do this for me.

Try to keep a good relationship with her, realize she does this because it’s her job and she loves you, even if she doesn’t say it often or ever. It’s obvious by what I read, that she loves you very much.

Linda asks…

Why do I keep having this nightmare?

First off-I have no idea where to put this question at, so shut up if I put it in the wrong category. I’m not in the mood.

My dream, or should I say nightmare: I am terrified of the thought of zombies being real, so if I wasn’t scared, maybe this wouldn’t be such a scary dream.
It starts off with me and my two friends, they figure out that something really bad is going to happen so we all go to my house and bring as many people as we can, my house is stuffed. We lock doors, board up windows, everything seems pretty safe. Then out of the blue (my dreams change a lot) we are in a different building, everyone has guns and we are surrounded by zombies. My brother tells me there is no way we can beat the game. And then my dream goes on fighting zombies but in my dream multiple times I look down and see an xbox 360 controller.

Anyways, if your going to answer and waste my time by saying I’m seeing the future of a new game or there is going to be a zombie apoccalypse, don’t waste my time.

And yes, I may seem a little grumpy but that’s because:
-I’m stuck on my video game
-I just woke up (yes at 9:30 pm, my sleep schedule is wacked)
-It’s valentines day

I really want to know what this means because I’ve had the same nightmare two weeks ago and then again three days ago.
I cannot sleep with my lights off. I know it’s weird and I should have grown out of it by now, but I can’t. I tried once but since my sleep schedule is weird I woke up when it was still dark out and I panicked because I thought I was kidnapped and being burned alive. (yes I’m kinda crazy)

My video game has nothing to do with zombies, I mean there are monsters in them but they don’t look or act zombie like.
I don’t deny I play my video game too much :) I wake up, play it, take a break for an hour or 2, play it, take a break, go to bed.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

It means you are playing the game a lot or your a bit scared of the game

John asks…

Is this a good trade?

i have an XBOX 360 with 60 GB hard drive and 2 brand new games (marvel alliance and fight night round 3) 1 wireless controller and all connections. The XBOX 360 is in 9/10 condition. Im trading all this for a compaq n800wp. What i want to know is this a good trade or am i loosing. Also is this a good laptop?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Price wise that is an ok trade, but according to the specs on that computer, its not that good, i would not trade, that is not a good computer

Nancy asks…

Me and My boyfriend keep getting into arguments over his ex-girlfriend…?

Maybe this is petty to most but he has an xbox360 I created my own character also before me was him, my brother, his two little cousins and his ex girlfriends profile I asked him to delete it he said he would but kept playing the game. The subject came up later and I asked him if my character was still on because I wanted to play Fight night when he brung the system over he told me that he deleted everyones character but his own because the other characters were taking up too much of his space. He claimed he was the only person with a charater so I just said okay. Now Today I went over his grandmothers house with him and he turns on the xbox and he plays when he’s done I grab the controller to play a game I decided to create a new profile and when I start I see that he never deleted any profiles the only profile that was missing was mine. So instantly im pissed because I see the ex girlfriends profile and her character has been changed and it made me wonder wtf? has she been around him to change this or is he keepin her profile because hes not over her. he told me I was being petty but what guy wouldnt say that? when their back into a corner I was extremely pissed he lied to me about it. I personally feel he’s not over her and im not sure what to do in this situation. I love him alot but I hate feeling like im not good enough for him and that im 2nd. Even tho hes with me most of the time i still feel second and not good enough.they were together for 5 years he left her for me because she was lazy and wouldnt work she has pictures in his grandmothers room and im not tryign to replace the girl but Im having a hard time dealing with him possibly not being over her he says he is but I think hes just telling me that to avoid hurting my feelings butim not dumb nor was I born yesterday. In most situation or disagreements that involves her somehow I feel like he still has feelins and doesnt really love me. Each time i find my feelings getting hurt and i just dont know what to do anymore. I dont know how to deal with the fact he may not be over her…and he gets amd when my attitude changes or when im upset but how else am i supposed to be? I feel like my feelings arent being considered and i dont really matter even over the smallest things….

Leslie Tompkins answers:

That was completely wrong what he did-he lied to you and that’s just not okay. He either lied because 1.) he knew you’d get upset (which yeah-that’s bull crap to choose deleting your girlfriend’s account when your ex is there too-especially since he said he’d do it) or 2.) he felt guilty-which he should!
I’m sorry but you deserve way better than him. He said he’d delete her account and never did. He chose deleting YOUR account instead of hers-and he LIED. It’s just all so stupid. It could be that he still has feelings for her-or maybe if he’s still hanging out with her-he didn’t delete hers because he didn’t want to look bad or whatever.
You need to have a serious talk with him and let him know all of your feelings-if he makes it sound like you’re in the wrong and what you’re feeling is wrong-you shouldn’t be with him. He’d be just as ticked off if you had an ex boyfriend who you kept on the accounts and deleted his. You don’t do that-it’s absurd. You do matter-know that. If he doesn’t change his doings to make you happy-he’s not worth it. Why be with someone who’s treating you like crap? Like I said-talk to him and get the truth down. See if he has seen his ex lately since her character has been changed. If he’s a jerk and keeps on acting like this-leave him. It’s not a totally easy thing to leave someone if you love them but he obviously doesn’t love you-or else he wouldn’t be treating you the way he is now.

Best of luck to you :)

Daniel asks…

Gamestop trade in value for playstation 3+extras ?

I’m thinking about switching from playstation to xbox…. about what would my gamestop trade in value be for

a 120gb playstation 3 slim,
a blue ps3 remote,
2 black ps3 remotes,
A energizer 2 remote charging dock.
black ops,
madden 11,
madden 09,
grand theft auto episodes from liberty city, grand theft auto IV,
Hot shots golf out of bounds,
Virtua fighter 5
Fallout 3
Enchanted arms
Viking battle for asgard
Unreal tournament
Burnout paradise
Battlefield bad company,
Rapala fishing frenzy
Condemned 2:bloodshot
Rainbow six Vegas
Fight night round 3
Tiger woods pga tour 2008

I’m wanting to be able to get a xbox 360, an extra controller, a year online membership, black ops, and maybe 1 or 2 other newer games.
Yeah, I think I will keep my ps3 I am already 3rd prestige on black ops, and already have like 25 playstation 3 games.. it would be kinda dumb to switch to xbox, and have to restart EVERYTHING!!! and only have like 3 games… I think Imma wait and buy an xbox and have both

Leslie Tompkins answers:

1. Think aboutit… You spent hundreds of dollars on the playstation Accessories.
2. You get free Internet on the Ps3(but it has down internet)
3.You will spend even more money just buying Xbox 360 an extra controller a year online membership Black ops and JUST TWO OTHER GAMES!!!!
4. If your rich then just keep both.
5. To me thats STUPID to do because you have a 120gb Ps3 slim.
6. This is my opinon, if you choose the 360 you will have to buy new accessories.
THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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