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Susan asks…

should i upgrade from old xbox360 to new?

I have about a 4 year old xbox360, and it is starting to run very loud, and is having trouble reading discs, but works fine for the most part. I am thinking about getting the 4gig kinect package, and was wondering if it is worth the upgrade, and how much do you think gamestop would take my old xbox for if I do decide to upgrade? Thanks!

Leslie Tompkins answers:

No because I heard that you don’t have to buy the xbox kinect,that you just need to buy the camera (I think)

I hope I heled

Jenny asks…

How much money would I get for a Kinect?

I wanted to return my kinect to gamestop… How much money would I get?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Don’t sell it at Gamestop. I try not to unless as a last resort. You’d be lucky to get 20 bucks out of it. Anyways, try to sell it on eBay or Amazon. My friend got 50 bucks for it, you could probably sell it for more on eBay if you have the boxes, manuals, and wires.

Chris asks…

How much would I get from Gamestop for my Kinect?

Planning to trade in my Kinect at gamestop. How much will I get for it?
in store credit.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

I’d think about 25$. It cots about 70 to get one so you wont get much for one..even in store credit mate. If you get more than 30$ i’d be honestly shocked. Cheers! Happy Holidays! ;)

Carol asks…

Can i sell my kinect sensor at gamestop?

Can i sell my kinect sensor to gamestop? If so, what kind of ballpark am i looking at?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

You’ll probably get around $50 for the Kinect.

Lizzie asks…

How much would i get for the Kinect for Xbox 360?

They sell it at Gamestop for $79.99. I would get a 50% bonus if i trade it in for another product there.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Probably $20, though it depends on how many units the place has at the time, and whether or not you have a rewards card, etc. You’ll probably get a better rate trading it in before christmas, as opposed to after.

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