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Lisa asks…

Help with buying an xbox and black ops 2?

i want to upgrade to an xbox slim 250gb because my old one has had the red ring about 5 times now. I want to get a good deal on black friday for one and i also want to get black ops 2. I want to get all of this for as cheap as possible and i know gamestop has leaked black friday deals where they will have forza 4, skyrim and black ops 2 and a xbox slim 250gb all for $250. This is the best deal i’ve seen. anybody else seen better?i am also interested in kinect if anybody finds any good deals on that.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

What you could do Is buy a hard drive of your xbox and attach it yourself there are usually methods to curing the rlod which can be found on xbox.com then you can but the game spreads usually play.com is cheapest

Susan asks…

How do I fix the accelerometer in my Xbox 360?

A long time ago my xbox worked fine. But now I have to lay my xbox out flat just to keep it from looking bad. Every time I turn it vertical the led lights do not correspond so that it looks like I am just the second player. Basically If I put it vertical it still thinks that its horizontal

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Whoa dude i hope your system isn’t going bad or something. Anyway do you think you might need to get it repaired or something? I’m not sure what that could be. Maybe you should ask someone at your local gamestop or EBgames store what is happening. There might be someway for it to be repaired if you can get in contact with Microsoft before your warranty is out of date if it is used you better say something before too late to the place where you bought the system.

If you do all this and you end up getting stuck anyway you might want a replacement (it would most certainly suck to have your system go out on you during the holidays) so i recommend you stay on top of this issue and don’t let it bite you in the butt. Don’t forget that burger king is doing that XBOX Kinect giveaway thing but you have to buy a meal or something this xbox site is also offering a free system and you don’t have to buy anything to have a chance at that.


If all else fails at least you will have several options to get your system replaced as fast as possible. Good luck and happy holidays.

Ken asks…

Where is the xbox 360 250 gb deal for 99$ sold?& what do you have to do to get it?

Do you have to sign a contract so you need good credit?Wheres it sold cuz I checked gamestop & bestbuy & they dont have it I live in nc.Does a kinect come w/it?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Keep dreaming

if you’re so fucking cheap, then go buy used

James asks…

What are the best 10-20 games to start an xbox 360 collection?

i dont want 10-20 games of the same genre i want the best games from different genres

Leslie Tompkins answers:

1. Halo: Reach -FPS
2. Call of Duty Series- FPS
3. Halo Wars= RTS
4. Fruit Ninja- Kinect
5. Tom Clancy End War- RTS
6. Rainbow 6 Vegas 2- 3rd Person Tactical FPS
7. Halo 3- FPS
8. Gears of War 2- 3rd person FPS
9. Grand Theft Auto- Sandbox
10. Fable II or III- Sandbox- Open World
11. Oblivion- Sandbox (similar to Fable)
12. NBA 2k11- Sport
13. MLB 2K11= Sport
14. Ace Combat 6- Aircraft pilot simulation shooter

FPS- First Person Shooter
RTS- Real Time Strategy

Go to xbox.com to see more games or gamestop.com

Joseph asks…

How much money will game stop give me for my xbox 360?

Its an xbox 360 with 120GB hardrive with one controller the cables 15 games and a kinect with the cord

Leslie Tompkins answers:

You wont get as much as you want…gamestop always trys to win, they will buy it from you for cheap and sell it for twice what they paid you…i would sell it on craigs list you can get more out of it from someone else

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