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Thomas asks…

What are the best games for kinect?

I just got one yesterday I have season 2 of the sports, fruit ninja, Adventures, and gunstringer. (it was a bundle pack) I am not really into the dancing games but if they are really that good ill give them a try, what do you think, what is the best Kinect games? I am having some buddies over for a New Years Eve party and i want something else to have. What are your suggestions?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

I just got one 4 christmas and i really like the game wipe out 2, it can be hard in some levels but a really fun workout, hope that helped you out! ;)

Richard asks…

Best games to get with Kinect?

Give me the top 3 games to get for the kinect. Don’t mention Kinect Adventures, Kinectimals or Sonic: Free Riders.

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Kinext Sports
Dance Central
Just dance 3

Maria asks…

why aren’t there any good games for the kinect?

inb4: it just depends on what your definition of “good” is.

Kinect‘s titles have really let me down. I got the thing last year and all I have still is the game it came with “kinect adventures“, not because I don’t like the thing, I love it. It’s just the game it came with is pretty much as dry as wii tennis, and all the games that have came out since are either release titles or exactly like the game it came with.

the sad part is the best games for the system are all sports related, or fitness related. If I wanted to do fitness I would run up and down my street or play sports, with a game console i want to do something that I don’t usually have access to in the real world, other than that it’s just a novelty.

so I ask you yahoo answers, when are the good games coming out for this thing or am I going to have to sell it on ebay?

better phrasing of the question would be. “To sell or not to sell?”

Leslie Tompkins answers:

No it is like the wii when it came out it had crap games but it was fun to use the thing microsoft is just still trying o find new ways to use it aand stuff it has alot of potential and is probably still worth it

Lizzie asks…

Xbox kinect games ! Need?

What good games for kinect ? either fighting, adventure, shooting, etc. Thanks

Leslie Tompkins answers:

I would prefer table tennis and skateboarding…… It is awesome in kinect…..

George asks…

How do I play a game I redeemed on the computer on the xbox?

I bought the xbox kinect combo that came with two games: kinect adventures and carnival games. The carnival games one you have to redeem and I redeemed it on the computer. how do i get it on the xbox?

Leslie Tompkins answers:

You have to sign in with the gamertag you redeemed it under on xbox.com and check your download queue to see the games there. They may take awhile to finish downloading.

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