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George asks…

how does kinect share work?

kinect adventures living statues

Leslie Tompkins answers:

It takes random pictures of you and sends it to all your friends regardless of you knowing.

John asks…

Which of these games have sequels?

Kinect Adventures!
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Halo 3

Leslie Tompkins answers:

I believe all but kinect adventures

Sandy asks…

Should I sell my XBOX 360 to get a PS4?

I also have a kinect. Both are less than 2 years old. Also, I have some games to sell and was wondering about how much I would get for each. All are in perfect condition. Please give me estimates for how much they should be worth. This is the list:

NBA 2K11
NBA 2K12
NBA 2K13
Madden NFL 2013
Test Drive Unlimited 2
Forza Motorsport 4
Kinect: Dance Central 2
Kinect Sports 2
Kinect Adventures
Lego Harry Potter Ep. 1-4
CoD: MW3

Thanks and tell me what you think.
BTW, i saw the NBA 2K14 gameplay trailer, and it looks amazing. im wondering, will sticking with my 360 provide the same graphics experience as the ps4? thnx

Leslie Tompkins answers:

The ps4 will be 400 dollars upon release(ps4 is a way better choice than xbox 1). If you plan on selling the xbox now and you could probably get 100-150 dollars depending on model. The games and kinekt bundle would probably give you another 150-200 dollars. I think it would be a good Idea to sell them now as to max out your money because if you wait till they release the new gen consoles prices will dip.

Ken asks…

how much would my xbox be worth?

i am considering selling my xbox 360. it is the older arcade model with a 60gb hdd, it will include black ops2, mw3, mw2, mw1, cod 3 , dirt showdown, skate 3, kinect sports, kinect adventures, kung fu panada, winter sports the next challenge 2, home front, ghost recon 2, nascar 09, pgr 4. it will also include and xbox kinect, turtle beach x31, 2 controllers, a wifi adapter, and 1 year of xbox live gold membership that has not yet been used. also this xbox is in great condition, it has never had red ring, it has been cleaned out multiple times so that there is not a big ammount of dust meaning it will not overheat. as i mentioned before it is in great condition and the only reason i am selling it it because i built myself a gaming computer awhile back and hardly touch the xbox. so please tell me how much you think it could sell for
thanks for the imput and just curious are u saying 270 for the whole thing or for just the console and i am positive that it is a jasper

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Your xbox and all the stuff you can sell it for a good amount on what console it is jasper falcon etc older model it is you will get less if its a jasper you can get around 230.00 for it older model maybe like 30.00 less

James asks…

kinect game not readable anymore?

i recently purchased kinect adventures and when i played it for the first time it was working well, but when i tried playing it again, it said the disc wasnt readable or to restart the console. I tried cleaning the disc and restarting the console but nothing worked. Any suggestions?
Thanks :)

Leslie Tompkins answers:

Should of saved it to harddrive, check if you got the circle of death on the disc, you need to install them into your hard drive.

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